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07.13.19 Bring a Friend Day -relay wod


20:00 AMRAP
split the class up into three teams
this is a relay against your buddies on the other teams
Order of the relay- waterfall style- no person from behind can pass someone in front
1. sled push to the pylon and pull back to the start line. Sleds should have 15# plate added
2. at the pylon complete 4 sandbag cleans + sandbag carry from the pylon to the fence and back to the pylon. Leave the sandbag there for your teammate.
3. run around the building to the side door by the bikes
4. complete 8 lateral burpees over a parallette- run outside the garage door to tag a teammate or go again.

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05.16.19- How many?? with partners

WOD 4 stations 20:00 total time- score is total reps completed

Partners- complete each station for max number of reps.

4:00 work, 1:00 transition

station one: how many sled pushes can your team do? 50m push/ 50 m walk next to partner- sled should be empty. Move it quickly. (there is a white spray painted line outside near the end of our building. The distance from our start line is 50m)

station two: how many times can you throw a sandbag over a racked barbell? The barbell should be above hip height. Use the Rogue bags or the wreck bags. You throw over then your partner throws back.

station three: how many thrusters can you do? 115/80 95/65 . One work, one rest.

station four: how many times can you laterally throw the medicine ball to your partner? MB 20/14#. Minimum distance between the two partners should be 8 feet- just one inch off the width of our floor mats per person.

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sled push x 90 feet - 45 feet out and back- moderate weight on sled
(or if inside, do small sleds, seated face pull)
sandbag over a racked bar x 10 reps total
renegade rows x 6 reps 35/20

Post WOD abs
5 rounds
10 candlestick rolls to a sit up or to a jump up
20 second bent knee hollow hold or 30 second hollow hold
10 plank walkouts- walk hands out as far as you can with good tension in the core

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