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Snatch Complex1 rep snatch lift off
1 rep snatch high pull
1 rep slow pull power snatch ( 3 secs to the knee)
1 rep segmented power snatch (pause at the knee)
1 rep power snatch

complete 5 sets of the complex at 65-75% 1RM snatch


For max load, in 3 minutes:
5 Snatches
WOD Rules:
You only get a maximum of 6 attempts in the 3-minute window, and you must declare your weight before the clock starts – you cannot change weights during the 3 minutes. Your score will be the sum of your successful lifts, up to 5 lifts. You will not get credit for more than 5 successful lifts.
Example: declared 120# and made 5 successful lifts out of my 6 tries. My score = 600

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