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WOD- this wod is light weight so you can move quickly and get work done before the 1:00 is called. You can challenge yourself to go unbroken on the sets. One DB head needs to touch the ground on every power clean. Watch the S2OH for complete hip and knee extension before weight comes down.

12:00 AMRAP
with every minute on the minute complete 3 burpees
8 DB power cleans 40/25 30/20 or 15
8 DB thrusters

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05.16.19- How many?? with partners

WOD 4 stations 20:00 total time- score is total reps completed

Partners- complete each station for max number of reps.

4:00 work, 1:00 transition

station one: how many sled pushes can your team do? 50m push/ 50 m walk next to partner- sled should be empty. Move it quickly. (there is a white spray painted line outside near the end of our building. The distance from our start line is 50m)

station two: how many times can you throw a sandbag over a racked barbell? The barbell should be above hip height. Use the Rogue bags or the wreck bags. You throw over then your partner throws back.

station three: how many thrusters can you do? 115/80 95/65 . One work, one rest.

station four: how many times can you laterally throw the medicine ball to your partner? MB 20/14#. Minimum distance between the two partners should be 8 feet- just one inch off the width of our floor mats per person.

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Every 3:00 for 12:00
bike 10/8 cals
3 reps with wreckbag in the front rack position
reverse lunge right + reverse lunge left + squat
2 reps with wreckbag
plank pull through right + plank pull through left
1 rep with wreckbag
climbing push up right + climbing push up left

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