Warm Up400m row or bike 3 sets of the DB complex 200m row or bike 2 sets of the DB complex 10 cals as fast as possible on bike or row 1 set of DB complex *you can build load on the complex, rest as needed between complexes DB Complex: start with a DB plank 1. right arm row 2. push up 3. left arm row 4. push up 5. jump to standing 6. clean 7. front squat with DB racked x 2 reps 8. push press x 2 reps

Primer: 6:00 EMOM min 1: kip & cadence complex 2-3 times 2 beat swings (kip swings) + 2 tuck ups (knees to chest) + 2 TTB min 2: L-sit hold on parallelettes- accumulate time- allow for rest in the minute

WOD 20:00 EMOM min 1: 12/10 cal bike min 2: 12 TTB- if feeling extra spicy do 2 muscle ups instead min 3: 30 DUs or 60 singles min4: 2 lengths sled pull with 2/1 plates on small sleds- pull the rope one length and run the rope back to the start