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 3 Sets For Time

2 Rounds
4 Tire Flips
60ft. Sled Pull Sprint 3/2 plates- mark off 4 sections of the concrete so you can run a straight away
60 Single Unders
200m SPRINT (a total of 4 lengths)

Rest :90 after each round

Rest 4 Minutes after each set
We’re going to try and do this with sleds outside like a buncha gosh darn land cheetahs.

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06.08.19 Partner

20:00 AMRAP
partner A: completes 400m run
                                        100m sled pull - 2/1 plate added to sled to keep sled moving
                                        50m farmer carry with DBs 50/35 35/20
partner B: accumulates rounds of
                                         4 power cleans 135/95 115/75 95/65

                                        12 burpees

                                          6 HSPU- strict, kip, piked from a box or seated KB press
Switch when part A is complete

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16:00 AMRAP

2 muscle ups or 4 strict dips
 2 deadlifts   275/185   185/125 
2 lengths sled pull- outside with big sleds 3/2 plates ( inside with small sleds if needed) 
*add 2 reps to the deadlifts each round

 Muscle up drills- in case you have an athlete who wants to do progressions for Muscle Up reps 
1. foam roller muscle up transition 
2. large ring swings 
3. box jump-up to full support
4. strict muscle up box assist

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WOD: Teams of 3

Waterfall relay- there is no passing teammates on this relay. One starts the first exercise and then next team member can start when that person moves on to the second exercise.

Each teammate needs to complete 5 rounds of work
one round:
Run 300m
Bike 14/10 cals
sled pull 90 feet (4 sections of concrete) with lightest team members weight added to sled

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