01.11.18 'Rowing DT'

Warm Up15-12-9: Calorie Bike or Row After each round, complete… 5 Wall Squats 30 Seconds: Hawaiian squats- hang onto rig post with legs in the figure 4 position, squat down using the post as a guide for staying upright in the squat 20 Double-Unders

Mobility: banded lat stretch x :30 each side couch stretch x :30 each side deep goblet squat hold with a plate- move side to side to stretch ankles thread the needle stretch x :30 each side

SKill: squats and hspu 8:00 EMOM min 1: 6 reps back squat @ 55-60% min 2: 4 strict hspu or strict piked box hspu

WOD- 'Rowing DT' 3 RFT Row 400m 1 round of DT 155/105 12 Deadlifts 9 Hang power cleans 6 Push jerks