Upcoming Events:   Bring a Friend Day 2/10  7/8/9am wods  and Swim WOD 2/11  9:30am Warm Up: 2:00 bike or row 20 reps banded face pulls 10 reps feet elevated ring rows 5 reps gymnastics complex- inchworm, bottom of push up, scorpion stretch to each side, push up, walk feet to hands


Wrist stretches

Banded lat stretch x :30 each side

Couch stretch x :30 each side

Warm Up for gymnastics movements- ring swings, kip swings, dips, shoulder circles, arm circles

WOD 30:00 EMOM min 1- 3 muscle ups or 3 pull ups/3 ring dips min 2- 2 Heavy TGU (1 each side) min 3- 20' handstand walk or :40 handstand hold min 4- max cals on assault bike for :30 min 5- rest

score will be recorded at cals on bike