02.15.18 Heavy Snatch Day!

Warm Up200m row or bike spiderman lunges x 5 reps each side inchworms x 5 reps seated low banded rows x 20 reps - attach a band to the rig at chest height. Pull the band to your chest, like rowing, keeping the shoulders down. Slowly return to extension. then...

Barbell bent over rows in snatch grip x 10 reps Muscle snatch from mid-thigh x 5 reps OHS x 5 reps

Mobility: 2:00 hold in squat position up against the wall. Back is flat on the ground. Butt is as close to the wall as possible. Use hands to push knees apart. 1:00 hold banded lat stretch each side

Snatch warm up: 5 snatch grip RDLs 5 snatch high pulls 5 muscle snatch 5 overhead squats 5 snatch grip push press 5 snatch balance 5 hang power snatch 5 snatch below the knee

WOD 5:00 EMOM 1 rep pause OHS + 2 snatch balance- start with an empty bar and add light load then... 6 sets of sets 1-3 power snatch + OHS + squat snatch 50%, 55%, 60% set 4- 3 squat snatch @ 70% set 5- 2 squat snatch @ 75% set 6- 1 squat snatch @ 80% then... last 10:00 work to a heavy single squat snatch