Warm Up:3:00 Row or bike

Dynamic Stretches x 2 rounds Reverse Alternating Lunge x 6 steps Alternating Cossack Lunge x 6 reps Bear Crawl x 6 reps

Banded Monster Walks x 20 reps fwd/backward Banded Lateral Walks x 20 reps each direction

Four sets of: Jump Rope x 20 seconds

Goblet squat x 20 seconds

Rest x 20 seconds

Barbell warm up: 3 reps of each clean grip RDL clean pull muscle clean front squat hang power clean squat clean

Skill: cleans

Every 90 seconds for 9:00 (6 sets)

1 clean lift off + 1 clean

start at 45-50% 1RM clean and add 10# for each round


3 Rounds- score is reps of power cleans

3:00 Work  2:00 rest

12 cal row

20 box step ups with 25/15# plate held to chest (10 steps each leg)

remaining time is max reps power cleans 155/105   125/85    95/65