Warm UpLateral shuffle + sprint x 6 reps each athlete. Done as a group. one cone in center of gym. Start there and shuffle 5 yds to garage door. Touch line, shuffle back to start plus 5 yds towards front of gym. Touch line. Then sprint all the way to the garage door. That's one rep!

Mobility: band assisted perfect stretch x :45 each side banded lat stretch x :30 each side Russian baby makers x 10 reps deep squat progressions x 5 reps

Barbell Warm Up: empty bar then 75/55 3 reps of each: Snatch press Snatch grip (behind the neck) back squat Snatch push press Mid-hang muscle snatch OHS

Skill: Snatch balance EMOM 5:00 2 reps snatch balance @ 75-85% 1 RM snatch


4 sets of 2 reps snatch lift offs @ 80-100+% :02 pause at the knee *snatch lift off is a snatch pull that stops at the knee, performed as quickly as possible but ensuring proper position and balance, and the barbell is returned immediately to the floor after reaching the knee rather than being held in this position.


10:00 EMOM 1 rep snatch every 2:00 for 10:00 build load with great mechanics

WOD: 6:00 AMRAP 6 power snatch 75/55 10 TTB 12 Wall balls 20/14