Warm Up400m row or bike 2 lengths spiderman lunges + reach 1 length bear walk 1 length crab walk

then... 2 sets - 8reps each pike push ups from a box or floor get ups glute bridges with feet on a box RDL single leg with KB


Banded hamstring floss x :30 each side Frog pose x 1:00 Banded good mornings x 20 reps Air chair swings x 5 reps

Skill: Four sets of: 3 Deadlifts to the knee + Deadlift + 3 Dimmelshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFXKOHRNJVE Rest as needed Build in weight. Start at 55-60% 1 RM DL

Snatch Warm Up Perform 5 reps of the following with an empty bar snatch grip RDLs snatch high pulls muscle snatch OHS snatch grip push press snatch balance hang power snatch snatch below knees


12-9-6 hang squat snatch or scale to hang power snatch 125/85 115/75 95/65

6-4-2 bar muscle up or scale to C2B pull ups/ ring rows