Warm Up:2:00 aerobic activity 10x side step ups on box 10x squat jumps 10x empty bar behind the neck push press 10x empty bar OHS Mobility EMOM 6:00 Min 1- band face pull 10-15 reps Athletic stance, thin band on rig, grab with both hands. Elbows higher then hands. Pull band to the forehead, pause, squeeze shoulders then release slowly. Min 2- wide grip inverted row- 8-15 reps Rack a barbell low. Lie face up with bar directly above your chest and your heels together. Grab wide with 90 degree at elbow. Pull up to sternum. Keep a straight line from head to ankles. Min 3- gymnastics complex- 1-2 reps Inchworm to a hollow plank- scared cat back. Send triceps back and hit bottom of a push up. Scorpion stretch to right and then left. Tricep push up back to hollow plank. Walk feet forward to hands.

Skill: snatch balance 3x70% 2x80% 2x85% 2x90%

WOD 5 RFT 10 OHS 115/75 50 DUs or 100 singles