Warm Up:Three sets of: Light KB Single Arm Strict Press x 5 reps each arm Light KB Single Arm Push Press x 5 reps per arm Light KB Goblet Squats x 10 reps Light KB Single Arm Thruster x 5 reps per arm

Clean Warm Up: 3-5 reps mid-thigh clean jumps 3-5 reps mid-thigh clean pulls 3-5 reps tall muscle cleans 3-5 reps tall cleans

6 sets at 70% 1x clean pull 1x hang clean pull from knee 2x hang clean from the knee

3sets of 3 reps Clean segmented deadlift Pause 1" off floor, at kneecaps, mid-thigh and then return to floor.

WOD 10:00 EMOM 1x clean Build load. Squat if you can.