Warm Up:2 rounds... 2:00 run/row/bike 8 barbell bent over rows 3-5 eccentric pull ups- jump up to pull up bar and do a :05 descend to bottom of pull up max effort dead hang on pull up bar

Mobility: banded lat stretch x :30 each side band assisted perfect stretch x :30 each side wall squat with shoulder slides x 10 slides *lay on floor with loose band underneath the waist. pull each side of band around the leg above the knee and open legs like a squat. position yourself with feet on the wall in this squat position. arms flat on floor, do 10 shoulder slides (like our wall slides) wrist pulses x 8-10 reps barbell good mornings x 10 reps Skill: split jerk Practice jump to split drill to learn proper positioning of the feet x 5-10 reps *stand tall with the feet under the hips. Bend slightly at the knees only and drive up in a slight jump. Keeping your trunk upright, move quickly into the split position to land with equal balance between the feet. Adjust the position and balance if needed and hold for 3 seconds. Step a third of the split length back with the front foot, then bring the back foot up to meet it. then.. 3 sets of 3 reps of split jerk behind the neck then... 6:00 EMOM 1 x split jerk- build load starting at 65% 1 RM

WOD: partners

5 RFT Run 400m together 20 deadlifts (10 each) 225/155 20 pull ups (10 each)- sub ring rows

Cash out- if time remains Farmer carry 200m each as heavy as possible KB each hand - fence and back