Warm Up:Dynamic Warm up 5:00-7:00 banded glute bridges x 15 reps 2-3 strict pull ups 5 x hollow/arch kips on rig 5x depth jump- start at the top of a box (small box no higher then 16"), step off to drop onto the floor, and as quickly as possible, absorb the drop and jump vertically to max height. Primer: 6:00 EMOM Min1: back squat jumps 20% 1RM x 4-6 reps Min 2: ring rows or ring muscle up transition x 4-6 reps *transition for ring MU hold in a slightly evaluated plank and drive upper body forward and through the rings without moving the legs/feet or hips Min 3: ring muscle up pop swings or plank hold x :40 Pop swing video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaIGWljKqHc&feature=youtu.be WOD: 15 burpee buy in 10/1, 9/2, 8/3...1/10 S2OH 115/80 Back squat 115/80 15 burpee cash out * anytime bar drops complete penalty of 10 burpees. Bar rests in front rack or on back.