Tomorrow is Train like a Champ WOD at 9am Saturday.  Meet the Ice Cross Downhill athletes! image1Special WOD with these athletes, Cameron, Tommy, and Max at 9am.  Lead by Andrew!

Friday's WOD

Cleans 3 position pause Clean DL pause :03 at the mid shin, knee, and power position 5 x 2 reps at 80-110% clean 1 RM

3 reps power clean at 75-80% rest 1:00 5 reps power clean rest 2:00 7 reps power clean rest 3:00 5 reps power clean rest 2:00 3 reps power clean

For Time HSPU x 10 - sub seated DB strict press run 200m HSPU x 8 run 400m HSPU x 6 run 600m (400m route + fence and back) HSPU x 4 run 800m