Warm Up400m row/bike 10 (5 each side) Hawaiian squats- hang on to a post and with one leg crossed over the other knee, squat to a comfortable depth 10 bird dogs (5 extensions each side) then.. 3 sets of KB single leg RDL- 6 each leg moderate KB weight 3 sets of KB single arm half kneeling press- 6 each side - weight is opposite leg that's out

Primer Two sets of: Shoulder Circles x 10 reps each direction Narrow Grip Push-Ups x 10 reps Nose to Wall Handstand Hold x 30 seconds Cartwheels x 5 reps


banded good morning + squat- with a blue band around body for good mornings, perform 5 reps and then immediately perform 5 squats.  Repeat to twice (total of 15 reps) twisted cross stretch x :40 each side



10 Deadlifts  255/185   225/155   185/125

20 HSPU- scale to piked on a box

30 DUs or 10 attempts- no singles today!