Warm Up:Obstacle course warm up: 12:00 1. use one MB with increasing load at each pull up station at the rig. Each athlete will need to MB clean the ball and throw it over the pull up bar. (5 stations) 2. Run out the garage door and around to the front door 3. From the door, hurdle over the benches by putting hands on bench and swinging legs around the bench. (5 benches) 4. Have 3 climbing ropes down by the whiteboard and each athlete needs to complete 2 up/downs Plank ball pops x 4 sets max effort Scale to plates instead of MB or just feet on floor

Skill: strict press Set 1- 5@50% Set 2- 4@60% Set 3- 3@65% Set 4- 2@70% Set 5- 1@75% Buy in or Cash out- 10x tire flips

10,9,8,7,...2,1 Goblet squat 53/35 200m sprint after each set of squats

Buy in or cash out- OH plate carry 200m 45/25#