IMG_2259 Primer: 3 sets of max effort dynamic push ups rest :30 in between sets

Skill: Bench Press 65% x 4 reps 70% x 3 reps 80%x 2 reps 90% x 1 rep

Partner WOD 15 reps each of HSPU while partner is holding a handstand 30 reps each of Pull ups while partner is holding a dead hang on bar 30 reps of Cleans and 30 reps of Jerks 95/65 30 reps each of Push ups while partner holds a plank 15 reps each of Snatch while partner holds bar OH *cleans and jerks are split however with one working, one resting *everything else is each person accumulating reps to total prescribed as partner holds positions *sub hspu for strict press