Warm Up400m Meter Run or Row

2 Rounds: 3 Spiderman + Reach, each side 3 Samson Lunge Stretches, each side, 1s pause

3 Inchworms then...

T-Spine Stretch on the bench x 45 seconds Band Assisted Hamstring Floss x 15 pulses per leg

and then …

Couch stretch x 45 seconds each side Banded chest opener x 45 seconds - hold on to a band strapped to the rig with arms extended overhead

Primer: EMOM stations- 9:00 min 1: 10 shrimp squats (5 each side) - progression for pistols where you reverse lunge with your front leg doing all the work. https://www.instagram.com/p/BihkPFqh5nP/?taken-by=marcusfilly ( second exercise you see in this video is a shrimp squat.) min 2: 10 behind the body lat pull downs- with band strapped to rig, sit down and pull band behind the head min 3: 10 band resisted deadbugs ( 5 each leg) https://www.instagram.com/p/BjFrF7WD3PM/?taken-by=functional.bodybuilding

WOD 3 rounds- not timed 15 GHD sit ups or 30 abmat sit ups 30 banded good mornings 10 Dumbbell Suitcase Lateral Box Step Up and Over