07.05.18 Strict Work

WarmUp 400m row or run Single side (left) KB strict press x 4 then carry OH 25' Single side (right) KB strict press x 4 then carry OH 25' Then.. with light DB (2.5-8#) 10 reps arms at side- straight arm extensions behind the body 10 reps arms at side- straight arm extensions in front of the body

10 reps lateral raises to the side of the body

Primer: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjU5UwYh9Kp/?taken-by=marcusfilly

10 reps of each for 2 rounds

1️⃣Lateral Band Step Overs- (10 reps each side)

2️⃣Tall Kneeling Banded Hip Thrust

3️⃣Reactive Step Downs (10 reps each side)

4️⃣Prisoner Kang Squat

5️⃣Parallette Push Up with Shoulder Tap (10 taps each side)

Skill: strict gymnastics

strict pull up work

1. lat activation

2. lat activation with a pause before pulling up (like a scap pull up)

3. pull up- lats activate while pulling and shoulders follow a neutral line of action- back and up

4. toe spot pull up- feet on ground or a box and pull yourself up to the bar. Practice the slow negative on the way down.

strict muscle up work 1. Establish the hang in a false grip on the rings. Be able to support your body weight.

2. Pulling- chest to rings or lower- pull with hands as close as you can to the chin or just below. Stay in the hollow position. Squeeze heels together.

3. Pulling lower- chest to rings- sterum- keep rings into body. Shoulders are coming back behind the rings just slightly. Knuckles touching.

4. Toe spot muscle up- low rings use legs and kneel underneath rings. Pull as low as you can- elbows are tight to body- rings (knuckles) are together.

5. Higher rings with feet on a box and knees go below the top of the box (in front of the box). Hang from there and use your feet on the box to assist in the muscle up.

WOD Every 3:00 for 15:00 1 sandbag clean + 3 sandbag front squats (pick a challenging weight) 5 burpee pull ups 10 lateral hops over sandbag