Warm Up:8:00 EMOM odd mins: 200m run even mins: 3 strict pull ups or scap retractions + 4 push ups + 5 air squats

Mobility: Overhead barbell underarm stretch x :30- hands in a snatch grip then hands in a jerk grip- With the barbell overhead, tuck your butt under, head goes forward and reach your barbell backward. Stretch in the underarm, thoracic and shoulders. Banded hip flexor stretch x :30 each side Ankle stretches

Skill: pause front squat 9:00 EMOM @60-65% 1RM 3 reps of pause front squat- :03 descend and :02 pause at the bottom

then... accumulate 100 seconds of L-sit hold. Use boxes set up next to each other. Hold the L-sit position with your knees bent for today.

WOD: 3 RFT 4 reps of 1 Tire Flip + 5 air squats 8 reps of Push Press 115/75 200m KB carry AHAP *round 1 KB in the front rack position *round 2 KB in the overhead position *round 3 KB in the farmer carry position