Warm Up:2:00 row/run/bike 2 rounds of: 3 Scap Retractions or Strict Pull-Ups 5 Pushups 7 AbMat Sit-Ups 9 Dowel Overhead Squats

Skill: back squat 8 reps@ 50% 6 reps @ 60% 4 reps@ 70% 2 reps @80%

Primer: pistol progressions 5:00 to work on progressions 1. work from a lunge position with the back foot pointed- toe on the ground, then the back foot flat on the ground, then finally the back foot off the ground. Practice standing up out of each type of lunge. 2. Using a box, slowly drag the foot alongside the back of the box and tap the ground with the foot and drive up. Then pistol off the side of the box trying to keep the foot out in front. 3. Using a band on the rig. Place the band across the squat rack of the rig and sit on the band in a pistol position. The band helps you drive out of the bottom of the pistol.


Skill: snatch tall snatch 5 sets of 3 starting at empty bar then... hang snatch + OHS 5 sets of 2 reps starting at 50% 1RM snatch


WOD 10:00 AMRAP 10 x power snatch 115/75 15 x sit ups 10 x alternating pistols