sumodl Warm Up: Bike, row or run for 2:00 Band pull aparts x 10 Hug 10# plate and slowly descend into a squat while extending arms out in front-pause at the bottom of the squat for :03 with plate out in front x 10 Walking lunges with 10# plate OH x 10 each side Banded good mornings x 10

Skill: Strict Press 5 reps @ 55% 4 reps @ 65% 3 reps @75% 2 reps @80% 1 rep @85%

Teach proper box jump and land- try to soften and quiet the landing How to Land- **practice 5 drops from box with a soft landing 1. tighten your core muscles 2. keep chest and head up 3. both knees and ankles bend as you sit your hips back 4. knees are in line with hips and ankles so they're not caving in and behind your toes 5. feet hip width apart and forefeet strike ground first How to Jump-**practice 5 jumps with soft landing on top of box and hips open 1. start position is the same as the land 2. lift off- keep eyes on target 3. swing arms forward 4. extend forcefully at the hips, knees and ankles

WOD: 3 RFT 10 Sumo DL 55-65% 1RM DL 20 Box jumps 24/20 30 Sit ups