Warm UpDB shoulder press. Start with DB on shoulders. Press to full lockout overhead. DB touch at the lockout. 8-10 reps

Russian Step Ups with DB- single leg explosive movement. When you step up the one foot steps on the side of the box, other knee comes up to 90 dregrees and then returns to the floor. 8-10 reps

Strict Toes to Bar 4-8 reps

Primer: Banded glute bridges x 10 Banded squats x 10 *use the new Perform Better mini-bands

Skill: Front Squats 4 sets of 3 reps @60-70% pause :03 at the bottom in between sets do ankle stretches

WOD: 10 Thrusters 135/95 or 95/65 200m run 30 DUs or 10 attempts 400m Run 30 DUs or 10 attempts 200m Run 10 Thrusters