Warm Up: 2:00 of choice run, row, jump, bike then form a circle and one at a time each person calls out an exercise which is then done by the group for 10 reps. During this have a person call out a goal they are working towards.

Teach hollow hold: 1. start with your back on ground, tight core and butt, legs straight in the air, hands on thighs 2. lower legs with pointed toes straight out in front. Keep back touching ground. 3. raise arms behind the head. shoulders and head off the ground.

4 sets of :15 perfect hollow hold :45 rest


Primer: banded squats x 10 banded clam shells x 10 each side monster walks x 5 each direction wrist stretches


Skill: Front Squat 3 reps @ 75% 1 rep @ 83% 3 reps @ 75% 1 rep @ 85% 3 reps @75% 1 rep @ 87%

WOD: 7:00 AMRAP 5 Deadlifts 225/155 or 185/125 5 C2B pull ups- scale with ring rows to the lower chest