IMG_4405 IMG_4403 Warm Up With a Partner: 20 shuffle med ball passes 14 med ball clean + pass 10 each scap push ups + scap pull ups

Mobility: Incline (up to 30") push ups x 30- work on elbows in and the hollow hold position Prone PVC pipe pass thrus x 10 Hold a PVC pipe with a wide grip in a prone position. With your head resting on the floor, pull the shoulder blades back and down to set. Bring the PVC pipe up and around your body, keeping the elbows straight. Bring the PVC pipe back to the start position. Deep squat progressions x 6 Supermans x 15

Skill: Strict Press 5 reps @ 70% 4 reps @ 80% 3 reps @ 85% 2 reps @ 90% 1 rep @ 95% *in between sets of presses, do 5 each side Bulgarian split squats with KB- elevate foot

WOD For Time 30/25 cal row G2OH x 20 155/105 135/95 115/75 25/20 cal row Wall Ball x 40 20/14 20/15 cal row Bar Muscle Up or C2B pull ups x 15 *sub jumping c2b pull ups