Warm Up8:00 @ Easy Pace: 30 second Chest-to-Wall Handstand Hold 1 x Single Arm Farmers Carry, left - in the small part of the gym by the KB rack. Walk down and back with KB in the left hand. 1 x Single Arm Farmers Carry, right - same as above 3 x Shuttle Run -main part of the gym. Start under the wall ball wall and run to the first part of the rig. Run back. Run out to the garage door and run back. That's One Rep.

Mobility: seated cross shin with fold forward x 1:00 right leg in front, 1:00 left leg in front T-spine stretch on foam roller x 1:00 Banded lat stretch x 1:00 each side


Clean warm up: 2 sets of 5 reps of each exercise. 1st empty bar, then no more than 95/65 5 clean grip RDLs 5 clean high pulls 5 muscle cleans 5 front squats 5 clean grip push press 5 tall cleans 5 hang power cleans 5 cleans below the knee


Skill: clean- barbell cycling 5:00 EMOM- each minute do 5 reps Option A: 5 sets of touch and go power cleans 65-70% Option B: 5 sets of touch and go squat cleans 65-70%

WOD 12:00 AMRAP 15 power cleans 75/55 2 rope climbs bike 10/8 cals