11.18.17 Bring A Friend Day- fast and furious with sandbags

Bring a friend dayFun warm up game #1: Max UB Russian twists Form two lines with all people in class (or 3 if needed) Use 2 10# plates per person in the line. Make a stack of 10# plates at the end of the line. Each person in the line needs to hold the feet up position for a Russian twist. At the sound of go, the team needs to pass the plates from the stack through the line of people like a Russian twist until all plates are stacked at the other end of the line. The game keeps going until someone has to put their feet down on the floor.

Fun warm up game #2: make a line 2-3 lines with all people in class. Have each person lay flat on the floor spaced apart (enough to fit another person between). On the sound of go, the first person in the line gets up and does a burpee and then jumps over the next person laying flat and keeps doing burpees and jumping over until he/she gets to the end of the line. Then the entire line of people rolls forward and the next person at the start of the line does their burpees.


WOD Team of two Fast and Furious 14:00 AMRAP 1 work, 1 rest- always tag off 10 sandbag reverse lunges (5 each side)- bear hug the sandbag 6 sandbag alternating ground to shoulder (3 each side) 20 sandbag lateral hops (10 each side) 4 x Shuttle run- use the front part of the gym (by the KB rack) with down and back being One Rep.