11.23.17 Happy Thanksgiving!

WOD at 8am ONLY today


Warm UP 8:00 dynamic warm up with coach line drills

Primer: Banded good mornings x 15 reps Banded walks x 10 reps each direction PVC platter drill

5:00-8:00 warm up for Deadlift or Snatch

WOD: 60 min time cap Part A: For Time 100 lateral burpees over the bar Part B: For Time 100/70 cals assault bike Part C: For Time 100 KBS 70/53

Every 60 seconds do either 1 rep DL or 1 rep Snatch part A DL 185/135 Snatch 115/75 part B DL 225/155 Snatch 135/95 part C DL 275/185 Snatch 155/105

Each workout begins with a deadlift or a snatch. Rest 5:00 between workouts