WOD at 8:00 and 9:00am ONLY Today!

Warm Up 1:00 Row or bike 3 rounds 10 single arm KB swings 10 single arm KB push press 10 single leg RDL with KB then... 1:00 DUs or single unders


Mobility: foam roll thoracic spine lacrosse ball smash scap banded lat stretch x :40 each side banded hip flexor stretch x :40 each side squat hold with hanging onto the rig- move around on feet- stretch ankles, hips x 1:00

WOD 16.4 from the open with a partner 13:00 AMRAP 55 Deadlifts 225/155 135/95 55 Wall balls 20/14 55 Row for cals 55 HSPU sub piked hspu or hand release push ups *1 work, 1 rest

Post WOD: Abs 4 rounds 10 hollow rocks- scale to tuck position 10 v-ups or tuck ups 20 sec hollow hold or tuck hold Rest 1:00