christmas1 Merry Christmas!

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WOD on Monday at 8, 9 or 10am

We've got two more workouts for you plus some bonus mobility if you are going to be driving and sitting a lot this weekend! First, the workouts. Both bodyweight, both from Lift Weights Faster by Jen Sinkler.

Crazy Eights (10 minutes or less) 3 Rounds 8 each side Dead Bug 8 Hand Release Pushups 8 each side Knee to Elbow plank (like a slow and controlled Mountain Climber) 8 Squat Jumps

The Drumstick (20 minutes or less) You can weight this one if you want, but bodyweight will work just fine. 4 Rounds For each movement, work for 30 seconds, rest for 20 seconds Lateral Lunge (Right) Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift (Right) Lateral Lunge (Left) Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift (Left) Skaters

Sitting and Driving Holiday Mobility Spend 30 seconds to a minute on each stretch, per side if applicable. Add in any other stretches that you like. Think shoulders, chest and hips. Between driving, stress, and sitting, those areas are going to need the most attention.

Shoulder release - Find your nearest couch or edge of bed, drape your arms back over the edge and let your shoulders relax. Try to keep your ribcage down.

Thoracic Opener - On hands and knees, with one arm reach under your other shoulder and stretch your back. Then twisting the other direction, reach as high as you can, looking up to your hand overhead and twisting through your upper back.

Wall/Counter Downward Facing Dog - With your hands on counter or wall, stretch back into a down dog. Good for hamstrings (pedal your feet), shoulders, and back (press your sternum towards the floor).

Hip Flexor Stretch - Get into a lunge, tilt your pelvis forward, squeeze your glutes and feel a stretch in the front of your hip.

Piriformis Stretch - Sitting on the edge of a chair, cross your ankle over your knee. Make sure you are sitting tall, no rounded low backs. Lean into the stretch if it feels good.

Chest Stretch - Find your nearest doorway or wall. Extend your arm at shoulder height and turn away until you feel a stretch across your chest and shoulder.