Warm Up
20 steps each direction mini-band walks
10 banded air squats
10 jump in and out- no squat
5 slide and lift off with a light mini band around the wrists
5 pull aparts with a light mini- band around wrists
5 bench presses with a light mini-band
20 yds each arm bottoms up KB carry
10 ring push ups
We will skip the sled work.

Primer: Single leg posted RDLs (against the wall)
4 sets of 6 reps each side

3 second descend into the RDL. Athlete chooses KB weight.

400 m Run
50 DUs x 3 singles
3 Rope Climbs (or 1 min plank)
50 Air Squats
2 Rope Climbs
50 DUs x 3 singles
1 Rope Climbs
50 Air Squats
400 m Run
RX+ 3 Rope Climbs every time.