10.06.18 Teams of 4

Teams of 4
For Time

Worm squats x 40 reps
Teams will need to lift the worm to the shoulder and squat together. Team will be required to switch shoulders with the worm every 10 reps

Sandbag ground to over the shoulder x 80 reps
Teams will have 2 work, 2 rest. The sandbag starts on the ground each rep and needs to come over the shoulder and to the ground to count.

Synchro power cleans x 80 reps 155/105 135/95 155/75
Teams will have 2 work, 2 rest. Two people will need to synchronize their power clean reps by starting on the ground at the same time and finishing at the receiving position at the same time.

Sandbag burpee box jump overs x 40 reps 24/20" 20/16"
Teams will have 2 work, 2 rest. The sandbag is lifted on top of the box and then pushed over the box. The sandbag must touch the box. No throwing the sandbag over the box. Then each athlete performs a burpee box jump over.