Warm Up

20 steps each direction mini-band walks
10 banded air squats
10 jump in and out- no squat
5 slide and lift off with a light mini band around the wrists
5 pull aparts with a light mini- band around wrists
5 bench presses with a light mini-band
20 yds each arm bottoms up KB carry
10 ring push ups or regular push ups
We will skip the sled work.

1. Grab either 2.5 or 5lb plates
2. Set up in a hollow hold (scale as needed to tuck position etc)
3. With palms facing ceiling create and I with your hands then a Y then a T
4. The objective is to keep elbows locked out completely and use lats by making sure palms are always facing celling on way up and down.
3 sets of 5 of each I-Y-T (totally of 15 reps)
rest between sets
(find a partner to do work/rest)

Skill: bar muscle up transition-

A. *use the yellow scooter for feet and set up one racked bar for just swings

B. *use one racked bar with bands for this drill

C. *use one pull up bar for a box bar muscle up. Stand on box and go through the swing. Then swing out and up for a muscle up from the box. First video shows two guys doing this.

3 Rounds
20/15 cal bike
20 walking lunges with KB at a farmer carry 53/35

Rest 3:00

3 Rounds
3 bar muscle ups - 3 C2B pull ups + 3 dips - 3 ring rows + 3 dips
20/15 cal row