Warm Up:
2 rounds of

Run/bike/row 2:00
10 single leg RDLs
10 goblet squats
5 scap pull ups
5 kip swings
5 ring rows

hip flow https://www.instagram.com/p/Bh7BCJ4BraN/?taken-by=marcusfilly

Lateral banded walks over 2 plates stacked- band goes around ankles. Step lateral onto plate and off plate
10 reps each side

Psoas march- band around the soles of the feet- march your knees up as high as they can go- stretching the band apart. x 10 reps each side

Barbell warm up

5:00 EMOM- build load

hang power clean + front squat with a pause - :05 pause, then do

hang power clean with a slight pause before you squat-:05 pause, then do

hang clean- all on a minute

4:00 AMRAP
250/200m row
21 hang power cleans 135/95 95/65 75/55
10 C2B pull ups- sub pull ups or ring rows
2:00 Rest
4:00 AMRAP
250/200m row
15 hang power cleans 155/105 135/95 95/65
10 C2B pull ups
2:00 Rest
4:00 AMRAP
250/200m row
9 hang power cleans 175/115 155/105 135/95
10 C2B pull ups