Warm Up
3 rounds of:

300m row or bike
10 mountain climbers each leg
20 Lateral Band Walks/side
10 MB Tall Kneeling to Standing (5/side)- bear hug the ball and start with kneeling and move to standing alternating the foot you start with each time.

Mobility: glute med activation along with foot/ankle
*work with a partner- one on a band on the rig while the other stretches shoulders and wrists
1. hip/core/foot stability- perform 6-8 reps each side
2. reverse lunge + leg raise
3. balance on one foot- row band to chest x 2 reps + overhead press x 2 reps

Skill: deadlifts
4 sets of 3 reps starting at 65% and building load

14:00 AMRAP
3 hollow body wall walks
30' seated sled drag face pull 45/35# added to sled https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5--kp9I7u4
20 sec ring support hold( at the lockout of a dip)- sub hold on two boxes or ghd handles
30' single arm farmer carry each arm- can go heavy on the KB