Warm Up
3 rounds:
250m row
8 x wall sit single arm KB strict press (4 each arm)
10 x two legged pistol- keep feet and knees together as you squat down


10 reps of each exercise
1. single leg RDL no weight
2. banded pull throughs
3. split stance reach to toes
4. KB (heavy) deadlift


Shoulder Flow:  https://www.instagram.com/p/BiPe2a0h40w/

pistol progression https://www.instagram.com/p/BnCPVe_nchy

1. With one 45# plate and start with a touch down squat. Hinge your hips back and bring your chest forward to engage your glutes and remain in balance. Your foot should be fully engaged to the ground and bodyweight spread evenly across the entire foot – not all in the heel. Squat down until you tap your heel down ever so slightly before returning back up.

2. Progress to 2 or 3 stacked plates if the above exercise gets too easy.

1K row for time
Rest 4:00
5 HSPU sub piked from a box
10 alternating pistols  sub Cossack lunges
15 thrusters 75/55
*score posted should be two times, one for the row and one for the wod