12.29.18 Partner WOD

Make up Strength/Skill

One partner completes an entire round before tagging off
10 RFT (5 each)
8 box jumps 24/20"
6 side to side wreckbag thrusters
4 alternating shoulder wreckbag hang squat cleans

*hang cleans with the wreckbag- bag is held at the hips.  Stand tall.  Pull the bag up the body to one side and pull yourself down at the same time.  You will rotate the elbows around and through fast to allow the bag to land on ONE shoulder in the bottom of the squat.  For the next rep you will start from the hang again and catch on the opposite shoulder.

*For the side to side wreckbag thrusters you will have the bag on one shoulder.  Squat to the bottom.  Stand up hard and fast and use the momentum created by the legs to press the bag up and over to the other side.