Warm Up

2 rounds of:
5 each side half kneeling single are press with DB
10 scap push ups from the elbow plank position
5 each side elbow plank on side with rotation
5-8 reps air chair swings

Twisted Cross Stretch x :30 each side
StrongFit Shoulder Opener https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6GcYZi7G7k&feature=youtu.be
*with no more then 5# DB or plates
Bicep Curls x 5 reps
Bicep Curls with neutral grip x 5 reps
Overhead Lateral Raise x 5 reps
Overhead Neutral Grip Raise x 5 reps

Skill: front squats + gymnastics

10:00 EMOM
odd mins: 3 x FS @75-80%
even mins: 5 reps of choice gymnastics skill (1-2 reps if muscle ups) or progressions for gymnastics skills

Barbell warm up for cleans
5 clean deadlifts
4 clean pulls
3 clean high pulls
2 power cleans
1 jerk

5:00 AMRAP

Clean & Jerk 115/75 95/65
TTB - hanging knee raises with swing or leg raises from the floor