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05.17.19 "crazy train" + wod

”Crazy Train”

1 Power Clean + 2 Front Rack Reverse Lunges + 3 Front Squat 135/95 115/75 95/65

WOD - this wod should take around 20:00 if you truly use the 400m as a recovery. Your bike effort needs to be the hardest thing in the wod. For the tall kneeling to standing, work on driving from the heel of the foot that's posted in front. Pick a KB weight that's challenging but allows you to move through 10 reps all touch and go pace.

5/side tall kneeling to standing with KBs racked -blue/orange or blue or blue/yellow KBs
14/10 cals bike- all out- 70+ RPMs
400m recovery jog

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4 RFT- grind through this wod with good form. Grab that sandbag and move it quickly- but it should be heavy. try for unbroken barbell movements.
10 front squats 115/75 95/65
12 sumo deadlift high pull 115/75 95/65
150 foot bear hug sandbag carry- carry the Rogue black bags if you can or a wreckbag/sandbag
10 single arm DB overhead squats (5 each side) 50/35 35/20
12 DB rows in a plank position (6 each side) 50/35 35/20
150 foot sandbag carry

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