01.29.19 Diane

Warm Up
Bike/row 2:00
side shuffle x 2 lengths of gym
walking lunges x 2 lengths of gym
sumo inchworms x 10 reps
squat press outs with light plate or DB x 10 reps - in the bottom of the squat press the plate straight out and back
lateral leg swings x 10 each


2 DB windmills+1 DB single arm ohs + 2 DB single arm press in squat.
Perform five reps of that complex in each set, for two total sets.

banded posterior hip distraction x 1:00/ each https://vimeo.com/155591346

hip air planes x 10 each hip https://vimeo.com/155592228

Primer: COMPLEX: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bs8v7Y1Adfw/
4 rounds work rest w partner
30sec of work/30sec rest
•1 shoot out
•walk to inverted pike handstand
•4 shoulder taps
•walk to plank
•straight jump
•repeat for 30 sec

WOD - benchmark wod that we want to go all in on and get your best time. RX needs to be hspu on the wall with your hands and head at the same level- no abmat for head unless you elevate the hands

deadlifts 225/155

scale Diane by doing 70% of your 1 RM DL and incline or decline push ups, ring push ups, seated DB press, or piked box hspu