Warm Up
3 Sets
10 Step Death March
20m Lateral Banded Walk (10m/direction)
10 Tall kneeling banded Pallof press each side

*slow controlled movements with purpose to warm up and activate

Part One: single leg stance RNT balance-barefoot https://www.instagram.com/p/BrTUj9nglU3/

                  hold stance 5 seconds x 3 reps each side

Part Two: barefoot single leg RDL with barbell x 6-8 reps each side

Barbell Warm Up
with an empty bar complete 5 reps of the following:
1. snatch grip behind the head press
2. snatch grip behind the head press in a quarter squat
3. jumping squats with barbell on your back- continuous
4. Cossack squats with barbell on your back- but you can take it off it needed
5. muscle snatch from the hang

Skill: snatch

3 reps snatch @ 60%
3 reps snatch @ 65%
2 reps snatch @ 70%
2 reps snatch @ 75%
3 sets of 1 rep snatch @ 80+% build in load if technique feels good


8:00 AMRAP
15 power snatch 75/55- no more added weight!
15 burpees over the bar or sub 4 bar muscle ups

Core Finisher

3 sets - all on a bench
5 reps each side moving DB lateral underneath your plank
5 reps each side plank with DB powell raise
10 reps in a plank doing up downs