Warm Up
With a partner- medicine ball drills
Do 10 reps each of the following:

1. Chest passes: Focus on keeping the knees straight while quickly driving the ball away from the chest.
2. Rotational tosses: Focus on flexing at both the hips and knees while keeping the core engaged.
3. Overhead passes: Focus on keeping the core engaged while the ball is overhead and using a contraction in the lats to drive the ball to the other person.
4. Squat + chest pass to partner: Focus on creating a core-to-extremity pattern, similar to a wall ball or thruster.


hip flow https://www.instagram.com/p/Bh7BCJ4BraN/?taken-by=marcusfilly

150 foot single arm overhead carry- every 10 feet, perform 2 single arm thrusters
(mark off a 30 foot course)

Skill: thrust and row
10:00 EMOM
min 1: 10 hip thrusts- shoulders on bench
min 2: inverted rows- either use rings with feet elevated or rack a bar and row at an inverted position


EMOM Indefinitely

 Odd- 15/12 Calorie Row
Even- Barbell Reps* of 30- Shoulder to Overhead- 20 Front rack Lunges (these are reverse lunges 20 each side) - 10 Power Snatches
RX 135/95
Intermediate 115/75
Scaled 95/65

*The goal should be to finish around 12 minutes, 10 Reps on the even minutes

Modifications if needed: WOD 10/8 calories, Push Press, Lunges and Hang Snatches with empty barbell