Warm Up

400m run, bike, row
3 rounds of:
lateral banded step overs x 20- use a plate on the floor
paused squat press outs x 8 - 10-25# plate with a 2-3 second at the bottom of the squat- press plate out
sumo inchworms x 5

Gymnastics EMOM
min 1: 20 second hollow hold
min 2: 20 second handstand hold or handstand walk
min 3: inverted rows x 8 reps
min 4: bottoms up KB overhead carry 50'

Skill: bench press https://www.instagram.com/p/BsQwEiOFq6a/
4 sets of 5 reps- build load starting with 55-60%
in between sets complete 10 banded pull aparts

hang power snatch 95/65
400m run after each round (row if too cold)