Warm Up

2 rounds
Row 10/8 cals
single arm KB high pull x 8/side- the high pull is from the waist up, not from the floor- light weight
single arm DB muscle snatch x 8/side- moderate weight
50 feet single arm farmer carry/side - moderate weight

Mobility: Squat


1. quadruped rocker on toes- knees hover x 10 reps
2. squat to a walk out plank (like an inchworm without the push up) x 8 reps
3. deep squat progression without the single arm movements x 10 reps
4. half kneeling position to a pigeon pose stretch x 8 reps/side
5. goblet squat with a 3 second pause x 10 reps
6. back squat with KB on the back with a 2 second pause x 10 reps

Skill: stamina squats week 2
12:00 EMOM
min 1- 3 front squats @ 63%
min 2- 6 back squats @ front squat weight

Barbell warm up for snatches- Burgener Warm up

round one with empty bar
1. jump and shrug
2. jump and shrug + high pull
3. jump and shrug + muscle snatch
4. tall snatch to 2", 4", 6", full squat

Find the power position for your snatch with the tap and high pull drill. Then tap + power snatch drill.

Use the remaining time in class to build load for 5 reps snatch. Can be squat or power snatch.

You will have six attempts to complete 5 reps successfully of the same load for the snatch.

Declare your weight on the bar. You have 3:00 to do 5 successful reps. This can be done in two groups during class time.
Example: I declare 125# on my bar and start with my first rep. I miss at rep #3, but complete 5 good reps in 6 attempts. All done in 3:00. Record weight for score.