04.30.19 'Criss Cross'

Warm Up
2:00 cardio choice
2 rounds:

5/side lateral box step ups
8/side DB high pull - light weight
5/side spiderman lunges
8 sumo inchworms + push up
5 kip swings

Jumping Warm-Up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8Eg_8kBFuk&feature=youtu.be

10 x parallette shoulder extensions
10 x reverse lat pulls with an orange band- stand on the band with both feet close together. Start from arms extended at the side to pulling the band to overhead extension. Control the band for the entire movement.


1. quadruped rocker on toes- knees hover x 10 reps
2. squat to a walk out plank (like an inchworm without the push up) x 8 reps
3. deep squat progression without the single arm movements x 10 reps
4. half kneeling position to a pigeon pose stretch x 8 reps/side
5. goblet squat with a 3 second pause x 10 reps
6. back squat with KB on the back with a 2 second pause x 10 reps

Skill: stamina squats week 4
12:00 EMOM
min 1: 3 front squats @ 66%

min 2: 6 back squats at front squat weight

WOD  'Criss Cross'
30 DUs or 60 singles
15 power cleans  155/80   95/65
30 DUs or 60 singles
15 TTB or hanging knee raises