Warm Up
10:00 increasing pace on the row/bike each round
10/8 cals row or bike
100 feet bottom's up KB carry single arm

2 rounds:
5 yoga push ups- plank to up dog and then to down dog
5/side front plank arm march- plank on elbows and extend one arm out at a time
5/side banded row, extend and press- attach band to rig or step on a thera band

Skill: 10:00 EMOM
min 1: gymnastics choice- working on the negative part of your movement
min 2: landmine press x 4-6 reps/side

*ideas for negatives= push ups, pull ups, ring dips, muscle ups, handstand push ups,

Hang Power Snatch (8×2)

EMOM for 8 Minutes
2 Hang Power Snatch @ 50%-70%

For Time

Hang Power Snatch @ 50%
100m Sprint

Goal: 5-7 Minutes

Cap: 9 Minutes