Warm Up
3 Sets
10 Step Death March
20m Lateral Banded Walk (10m/direction)
10 Banded Pallof press each side

*slow controlled movements with purpose to warm up and activate


Use a mini-band for all of these
glute bridges x 10 each feet wide and feet together
clam shells x 10/ side
fire hydrants x 10/side
ISO squat hold x 30 seconds

 3 Sets For Time

2 Rounds
4 Tire Flips
60ft. Sled Pull Sprint 3/2 plates- mark off 4 sections of the concrete so you can run a straight away
60 Single Unders
200m SPRINT (a total of 4 lengths)

Rest :90 after each round

Rest 4 Minutes after each set
We’re going to try and do this with sleds outside like a buncha gosh darn land cheetahs.