06.18.19 1RM squat

Warm up

2 rounds
300m run or row
6-8/side KB front racked drop back lunges- stand on a plate and drop one foot off plate into a lunge position
20 second hollow hold
6/side shoulder taps with a one second pause


Shoulders: parallette shoulder extensions x 10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GLMYwLE47c
Glute Activation https://www.instagram.com/p/Byb5rtcgUiB/
1️⃣ 10 single leg hip thrusts⁣⁣
2️⃣ 10 eccentric single leg hip thrusts (2 up/1 down)⁣⁣
3️⃣ 10 B-stance hip thrusts⁣⁣
4️⃣ 10-sec pause single leg hip thrust ⁣⁣(at the top)

Barbell Warm Up
3 reps of each movement
good morning
back squat
behind the neck press
front squat
strict press

Back or front squat warm up reps

1×5 @~40%, 1×3 @~60%, 1×1 @~75%, 1×1 @~80%, and 1×1 @~90%.
Find a 1 RM today for front or back squat

10min. AMRAP:
10 Box Jump (30/24″)- if comfortable or go with the usual 24/20"
30ft. Handstand Walk

10min. AMRAP:
10 Box Jump (24/20″)
:30 HS Hold

10min. AMRAP:
10 Box Step Up (20/16")
60ft. Bear Crawl